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College degree or above as painting engineer. Working experience preferred.
Job duties: responsible for painting the field process, to solve the technical, technical, quality and other problems. The company mainly focuses on electrophoresis.
College degree or above preferred
Responsibilities: Responsible for stamping professional technical work, organization and implementation of process analysis and improvement.
Welding engineer college degree or above preferred
Responsibilities: mainly responsible for the welding professional technical work of the company, organization and implementation of process analysis and improvement work.
Quality engineer college degree or above preferred
Job requirements: Analyze the causes of quality anomalies in the production process, be responsible for quality related work and audit work.
Mold maintenance worker: college or above with experience is preferred
Job requirements: responsible for the timely repair of the mold, mold problems to put forward an effective repair plan, and can independently complete the work.
Mechanical engineering college or above with work experience preferred
Job duties: do well the operation and maintenance of the equipment under its jurisdiction, tour inspection and supervision and adjustment work, responsible for the use and custody of equipment and tools and the management of equipment spare parts and spare parts.
Electrical secondary school(including technical secondary school) or above with experience is preferred must have an electrical certificate
Responsibilities: Be responsible for the normal operation of substation and low voltage line.
Inspector: College degree or above. Working experience is a plus.
Job duties: mainly stamping, welding workshop inspectors.
We will conscientiously implement the product quality inspection system stipulated by the factory, conduct product quality inspection strictly in accordance with the inspection documents and relevant standards, promptly confirm the quality status of the first and first approved items of the class, conduct random inspections according to the frequency required by the documents, and promptly feedback and trace problems.
Handle the product quality problem in time, do a good job of marking the non-conforming products and store them in isolation and implement effective quality control according to the procedure.
Contact: 0431-88029710
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